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Scalping Indicators Trading Strategy


Scalping Indicators Trading Strategy

With simple strategies for beginners ideal for trading in smaller profits. For trading is enough to follow basic levels of support and resistance (buy near support and sell near resistance) with the use of other indicators can be profitable. It is a good indicator, but it is necessary to first try the demo account. This indicator to me is excellent in combination within the time frame.

Slope indicator the simplest way download it, so it is pasted in MT4, folder experts, folder indicators MT4, open it again and that’s it. In the left part of the platform in custom indicators find it and pass on the chart .When you download a lamp, and it is usually .mq4 or .ex4 file, just copy it to the directory platforms Program Files/Meta Trader/Experts/Indicators). When the next time you start the platform, your indicator will be found on several places: First in the menu option Insert Indicators-Custom. Second in the Navigator window, under the option Custom Indicators .Third in the Toolbar. There are those that you can insert and subsequently they will be located under the option Custom Indicators.

The opening of the bid (buy) orders
Opening sales (Sell) order
Scalping is used on the M1-M5 and M15 time frame

You need the indicators free scalping indicators Scalping system is applied to the currency pairs that currently have no major shifts. It is Monday, because choppy market on Mondays small (there are exceptions). Scalping is applied with currencies that fluctuate 10-20 pips above/ below. Here’s one in my opinion a very good indicator for scalping, excellent for beginners, maybe someone has already set up here before. Time frame is the M1, M5 and M15.
Long input when changes color from red to yellow, and vice versa.

Short input when changing from yellow to red.

Charts 1M


One can see entry points for selling and buying positions. Sell when the yellow crosses over red. Buy when the red crosses over yellow. To note that even to myself in the position, I’m going to buy the penultimate red candle, and sell the penultimate yellow. You can buy to the first short red candle after the longest red and sell to the first short yellow candle after the largest yellow. Of course, one must not neglect the main trend.

Tome frame 15 minutes


It is shown more opportunity for scalping in the charts of 5 minutes than of 1 minute charts. You can see one trading signal for selling position and one trading signal for buying position.


15 minutes charts is showed the most trading signals for scalping trading. It can see two trading signals for buying/selling position. This time frame expiry is the best scalping trading. This is called scalping. As a rule, scalping is done in seconds, but nowadays it is called scalping and capture 5-10 pips in 10-15 min.

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